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The violin making workshop consists of two interdependent parts.   

The actual workshop where new instruments are made.

The influence of the Newark School of Violin Making is clearly visible in the modelling and finishing of Jan van der Elst`s instruments. This training vouches for craftsmanship and quality. Numerous professional musicians play and appreciate Jan van der Elst`s instruments.

The shop with a wide selection of affordable string instruments of various provenance and age on offer.

His passion for music making and his background as a player help Jan van der Elst to select and supply fine string instruments within every price range. A unique financing arrangement enables young players to obtain excellent hand-made instruments through Jan van der Elst`s workshop.

This violin, built by Jan van der Elst for the Dutch National Music Instruments Fund, was modelled on Ansaldo Poggi (1965).

Another violin, built by Jan van der Elst in 2001 after the same model, was played by the winner of the national Oskar Back violin competition.


The shop offers ideal surroundings for customers to look in peace and quiet for an instrument that will suit their taste and needs.

A Jugendstil display case holds several bows from an extensive and varied array.